About us


We farm or source products from local farmers, supervise harvest and pack products for exports after inspection from SGS, directly accessing markets though our own seamlessly efficient value chain.
We adhere to local global and industry health, safety and employment benchmarks and implement cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional service to our global customers.

We are passionate about farming, serious about business and committed to contributing to the economic well being of the communities with whom we do business,Africa and the world outlarge.


Our mission is to provide the best solution that helps global buyers and consumers to reach their goal.


FOOD WORLD supplies a range of quality nuts,seeds, spices and citrus from the beginning to the end of the South African season.

Export products to supermarket chains all over the world.
A dynamic team with experience in exports to various countries, and a passion for our local growers and customers.

We are most experienced in export to our worlwide clients via all ports directly, giving them what they want, at a time when thy best need.
A most loyal and dedicated production and exporting base  that understands international quality.

1. Managing the supply chain effectively by using the shortest chain possible and being transparent on costs.
2. Selectively building our producer and client base to fit specific needs. We take time to understand our customers and supply as per their request.

3. Our dynamic and experienced team can supply our clients with a range of quality products and specialises in shipping to supermarket clients directly to supply their specific procurement programs.

4. By doing business in a fresh way, to be the first choice for clients and producers.

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