Food World was founded in 2008 by a group of investors and business lovers who decided to watch their dreams of amazing global buyers with Africa's finnest and most quality products by supplying to the international market. We started Supplying the widest variety of quality dried fruit ,nuts , seeds and spices sourced from local farmers , not only from Southern Africa but from the world outlarge.  Throughout the years, We have traveled the world in pursuit of the finest quality product of different varieties and quality,in a bid to ensure, under full confidence and satisfaction, that what we supply is nothing but the best.

Food World is also strongly involved in the process of mine to market. We source minerals such as Platinium, Iron Ore, Thermal Coal from the best of Africa's finnest. 

The first stage is exploration, which involves finding mineral deposits in a sustainable way by our specialised exploration team. Maintaining a social licence to operate throughout this phase and into the development of a mining operation is crucial. This allows us to responsibly mine the economic resources in the ground. We then extract the resource in the safest and most efficient way possible and finally, the mined resource is then processed and refined to add extra value and only then is the commodity ready to be moved and tailored to specific markets.


Our vast sourcing capabilities set us apart from our competitors. They enable us to catalog industry trends, anticipate shortages and to develop new sources. This allows us to consistently serve our customer in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Food World offers distribution and marketing expertise that help our customers make critical purchasing decisions and expand business. Our company has spent over 20 years building relations with our customers to ensure that we remain the best with regards to our steady supply to our global buyers in the international market.

Besides our own harvest, we work closely together with many Southern African farmers that work on similar quality specifications and have similar love for the products they grow as we do . Each year we carry out modifications to our factories to ensure that we keep pace with the increasing size of the all our edile nuts, and new technical developments in processing Nuts, Seeds, Spices ,seasoners, canned foods/vegetables and fresh Fruits.

We are committed to employment equity and non-discrimination, in our company, this involves training and encouraging all staff to achieve their potential. It is important to us that occupational health and safety protocols are adhered to.

As added value, we offer a specialised service to our growers. This service includes batch processing of each delivery, with a complete analysis of nuts, seeds, spices and fruits processed .

In this way, we ensure that the high standard of our products are delivered to our factories and made ready for exports to our customers, thereby maintaining our World Class status.

We support and encourage good agricultural practices on the land, and recommend that farmers adhere to strict Global GAP protocols, which limit the impact on the environment.

We are healthy, We are proud, we are Southern Africa and Africa.



We Provide innovative transport solutions within a mine, co-ordinating global cargo deliveries And offer efficient and effective transportation of all commodities.